03 September 2014

a little library

Corner of Spruce and Sixth St. in Traverse City, MI 49684; the vicinity of Munson Hospital
Drive-through fast food for thinking - late summer 2014

During the pre-Industrial times, paper was made by hand and printing would be also by hand, possibly on the prepared skin of sheep or veel (vellum?). As a result books were of value for their scarcity, craftsmanship and ornamentation. The force of the argument or the vigor or the prose were secondary to all but those who could read. When paperbacks broke on the shores of mass literacy around the time of WWII the physical worth of a book was now less important in many instances that was the flow of the story or skillful mastery of words. Now we see steady increases in non-print books for screen reading on portable device or computer workstation. Yet even in late summer 2014 there is a space for a small library for passers by and curious drivers by.

The top-most text reads: Kids Creek     LittleFreeLibrary

The bottom-most (blue panel) text reads: Kids Creek Neighborhood Little Free Library, Learn more at www.tadl.org (traverse area district library), where the following story appears.

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