31 December 2014

God and? or? nor? Country - Christmas creche in plastic and internal lights; veterans memorial in road center

In the cold light of the last calendar day of 2014 we observe the permanent display in brick, metal and stone for the veterans memorial and the seasonal display of figures to represent a scene at the Bethlehem manger about 80 generations ago when the VIPs from the east arrived to behold the baby Jesus. For someone who has never seen either of these things, there is a lot to reflect upon: origins of these forms of memorializing, the undertaking of designing, funding, securing permissions and building, then maintaining and using the sites. For someone who sees the Christmas ensemble year after year, it is easy to glance briefly enough to identify what it is, but then go no further and study the meanings of the original language and society, much less the meanings over the centuries as the Bible meanings intersect with the World.

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