08 February 2016

foodways, folk decoration of commercial building

This site appears to have sprung up as filling station and repair shop from automobiles of the 1920s onward. Then around 1964 it became an eatery and since 2004 the present owners have run the place, named Golden Harvest and specializing in breakfast and lunch, with a half-dozen daily specials either sweet or savory, as well as made to order menu items. None of the experience is rushed; quite the opposite. Lovingly prepared big plates are served well after an order is placed.
     Sometimes a person applies a forest of bumper stickers to a car; or cements figures onto a car's surface, but a similar approach to the building walls seems to be rarer, still. This view of the entry and east facing wall are a sample. Since waiting lines typically run out the door at all hours of business and in all kinds of weather, this visual diversion is not only a creative outlet for the foodies inside, but also a kindness for those in line who have active imaginations! The close-up of one of that day's specials shows the Rubenesque Omelet.

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