15 May 2016

creating slopes for crossing the street

During the months of April to November or December the city government repairs roads, sidewalks, painting, clearing street drains, flushing the fire hydrant system and so one. On this occasion the matching money from state and/or federal sources allowed the city to establish sidewalks on the lots of homeowners that previously grew only grass where the public right-of-way exists. In addition the sloped path from street surface to sidewalk was created. In past years this "curb cut" was accomplished more piece-meal by using concrete saw to remove the old section and then create the angled incline, pour the cement and lay a durable and textured ADA compliant (Americans with Disabilities Act circa 1990) rectangle on the slope so that visually impaired people can know by slope and texture that a street crossing point is imminent.
(The camera audio was switched off, due to wind noise)

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