09 December 2017

A little text in Alba -Gaelic words as mute witness

visitor souvenirs, Scottish Parliament Building; hours in English & Gaelic

Prominent Gallic text, labels, publications, seem a bit hollow or decorative (not much Gaelic overheard between staffers, nor at Justice subcommittee; cf. truly bilingual governance, e.g. Belgium or Canada or Switzerland; also India?) to welcome visitors and groups, shop and cafe and exhibit hall. Something in the lighting and smooth surfaces of the sleek 1995 structure that echoes resort or hotel vibe. Full sessions not until 2 pm, but various (sub)committees meet with cctv on some lobby screens (sptv, Scottish parliament tv). To see the organs of government in working order is interesting and a bit of a marvel to see that it does run reasonably well; and that a special debating chamber was created for the purpose of bringing matters to wide discussion and decision making that can be documented and disseminated to citizens. Photo in the permanent visitor display area (click for full image view).
debating chamber on display in visitor reception area of Scottish Parliament Building in Edinburgh

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