20 August 2015

Native Americans - online in the state of Michigan

Bicycling on one of the streets in Traverse City, the logo on one of the SUVs parked on the side displayed the logo for the Grand Traverse Band of Indians. Census-wise there are relatively few who classify themselves as Native Americans or Pacific Islanders in the USA (less than 1%, although specific counties will have concentrations; for example in Oklahoma, New Mexico, or Arizona). So except for casino billboards on the highways, airwaves, and Internet there is relatively little visual presence of Indian persons, property (like the truck parked on the street), business products and services, or issues important to Native people.

In a word, for people living around the state of Michigan, at least in the southern, most populated parts of the lower peninsula, the subject of Native Americans can be summed up with the word ignorance; sheer lack of experiences, first-person connections, public discourse and news media, textbook presence and so on.
 [caption: screenshot taken from webpage - URL at top left of the image]

See also album of images on this subject at https://www.flickr.com/photos/anthroview/albums/72157673270576798

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