24 October 2015

Thinking about Halloween in small town middle Michigan, USA

A stone's throw from my front door is the main east-west road through the town of 7,000.
There on the corner is a house that stands out from the maybe 10-15% of homeowners who make an effort to create a display or express Halloween themes. Whereas some will erect inflatable nylon creatures with light and fan running internally, and others put window decoration or a lawn ornament that references death, creatures of the night, and fright - typically in colors of black (night) and orange (fall leaves, pumpkins and other colorful gourds), a few houses include lots of detail and wordplay (false tomb stones with pun-like names such are Herbie Lowe, a play on 'here below').
     Question: what is the appeal or aspiration being expressed in these tableaux for the passersby to view? There is no contest or competition in any formal sense. But for some perhaps the motivation is an annual activity for family participation that celebrates a curious day - knocking on the doors of neighbors and strangers with the expectation of being given free candy that is safe and desirable.

---3rd annual zombie fun run, "Run for Your Life" in city park to raise money for new Spray Park.
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