24 July 2016

summertime, public beach on a hot Saturday afternoon

Crystal, Michigan (postal code 48811) is in the middle of the lower peninsula, in the northeast corner of Montcalm County, about 6-7 miles from Carson City in neighboring Gratiot County. The beach front of the public beach, just 150 yard from the small town's Main Street includes a small sand beach, a few tables and benches, and on the hill top a little ways from the water's edge is a public park with fixtures for grilling food with self-supplied charcoal, along with picnic benches, a shelter with sturdy roof and paved floor with room for 7-9 picnic tables if the weather is inclement.

Around 5 p.m. many of the visitors have had their fill of sun and water, socializing, seeing others and being seen. So a few benches and tables begin to open up for others to occupy them. A steady parade of cars, pickup trucks, bicycles, (ruggedized) golf carts stream past on the road that circles the sand-bottomed, shallow shore lake. A handful of boats from the surrounding houses, cabins, and cottages have motored over to this side to drop anchor in the 3-4' water to swim, read, talk, play loud music, and so on. A few dogs on leashes go in the water accompanied by their owners. So recreation takes many forms, but peace and quiet for thoughtful reflection will have to be found during other hours of the day, perhaps from 4-8 a.m.

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